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Outstanding High Quality Professional PowerPoint Presentations

specialist powerpoint design examples Need to impress your audience, but don't have time to create or design a killer PowerPoint presentation yourself?
Hire my freelance specialist PowerPoint designer service to take the load off your shoulders.

“Neil your PowerPoint presentation enhanced the speakers content. Visually it was also rather beautiful and thought - provoking"

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PowerPoint Designer

Outstanding High Quality Professional PowerPoint Presentations

A range of expert designed specialist powerpoint slides Need to impress your audience, but don't have time to create or design a killer PowerPoint presentation yourself? Hire my freelance specialist PowerPoint design service take the load off your shoulders.

As an expert freelancer I'll create or design a professional high-impact PowerPoint presentation design that combines easy-to-follow organisation, exceptional graphics, highly readable text, effective but subtle animation and a crowd-pleasing presentation!

Whether you need to simply enhance your current slides or build an all-new interactive PowerPoint presentation, a professional powerpoint presentation designed by a specialist expert can help give your audience an unforgettable experience. It will interest and inform them like no other presentation they've ever seen before - and you can take the credit!

The difference between a powerpoint presentation produced in-house and a professional powerpoint presentation produced by specialist designer is clear. Not only to you but also (and more importantly) your audience.

Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

"Thank you very much Neil, the Powerpoint is absolutely mind blowing! Love the graphs!! You seriously are very talented"


London, United Kingdom

Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

"Neil's creativity, communications, and project management were first-rate, and I believe that working directly with him as a PowerPoint specialist designer was far superior to the experience we would have had if instead we'd elected to work with a larger organization. I most highly recommend Neil; working with Neil was a genuine pleasure."

D Revelle, Derbysoft

Dallas - Texas, USA

Expert powerpoint slides by a professional designer

Bespoke PowerPoint

Time and time again I have been asked by the really "savvy" presenters to build tailor made PowerPoint presentations aimed and themed directly at an individual audience. By producing a specialist presentation that includes the company logo and corporate colours of your audience, with content tailored to match the specific requirement you will really "bowl your audience over". Images, graphs, and graphics call all be personalised to add something extra that turns an ok presentation into a "wow!" presentation.

With a bespoke powerpoint presentation you are embracing the real strength of PowerPoint and ensuring that it works to deliver your messages as effectively as possible.

I successfully operate remotely as a freelance business professional with my clients around the world. The advantage of using a freelancer is that I have the experience of a wide range of industries and clients that means 'I add a lot of insight and value' to your the final PowerPoint production for you.

My intention is always to keep you up to date on developments and I will recommend and deliver an expertly designed and produced PowerPoint presentation that will optimise your company messages.

PowerPoint also has certain nuiances such as font management and the differences between Mac and PC use, as part of my service I can advise early on in any project development the best solutions to ensure a smooth execution of your presentation. Powerpoint can also incorporate video and music and I can advise on the interaction and suitability of using powerpoint like this also.


Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

"It has been a great pleasure to work with Neil. I had an important Powerpoint presentation about a conceptual issue, and wanted a professional powerpoint to support my talk. However, I had no idea how to create one for myself. Neil has created a presentation that does all that I hoped it would do. Beyond that he was fantastic to work with - really efficient and fast to respond when I needed edits"

D. F. Sieff PhD

Berkshire, United Kingdom

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Professional designed presentation slides

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Converting flat designs to editable PowerPoint files

Increasingly brands are turning to their design agencies to produce new Powerpoint presentations to support their new (or existing) brand messages. We frequently take on the role of working with agencies who may not be that familiar with powerpoint to convert flat designs executed in software such as InDesign, PDF's etc and converting them in to workable, editable and expertly designed powerpoint files. We are happy to (and often do) work 'white label' for many creative agencies around the world.


Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

"The Powerpoint specialist service we received from Neil was fast, efficient, professional and the end result was of a very high standard which our client was impressed with. We look forward to working again with Neil."

L Hellyer, Idealogy Ltd

Southampton, United Kingdom


Designing PowerPoint presentations for your job interview

I am receiving more and more requests from individuals who have been asked to conduct a presentation during their job interview process. A presentation to a future employer can often be one of the most important impressions you will initially leave with them because it is likely to be one of their first impressions of you. I have designed a number of Powerpoint presentations for individuals as part of this process and its great news when you get to hear back from them on whether they got the job - often when I hear back from them it was the presentation that really helped them get the job!


Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

"I asked for a clean, clear, focused Powerpoint presentation and Neil gave me exactly that. I would recommend his designer service for anyone who is looking to present their information on a professional platform. He was able to truly capture the essence of my needs and execute!"

K Deal

Clapham, United Kingdom

Designer Info Graphics for Powerpoint

As you will imagine I have worked with hundreds of presentations so part of my service I offer to you is knowing what works well on screen to support your presentation. This has particular value when it comes to presenting a complex idea, statistics, messages etc. As part of my service you enjoy the wealth of experience I can add to your presentation to ensure that whatever you are trying to convey to your audience it is done efficiently, effectively and professionally - and this may include suggestions to you on how a graphical element or an image(s) may work better than a traditional method.

Demonstrating Mobile App Functionality in Powerpoint

I am frequently asked to produce PowerPoint presentations that can demonstrate the concept of an App. Using Powerpoint is a great way to show how an App can work before investing time, energy and money in the building of the App itself. Great if you want to show the concept of the App to investors or if you simply want to ensure the App will provide a good user experience.

Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

“I had found Neil’s details through searching for someone to help be build a powerpoint presentation, from our first conversation I felt that not only could I work with Neil but he gave the confidence that he would be able to portray my very basic presentation into a strong presentation which would help me bring my product to market.

Neil has transformed my presentation to such a level that not only has it brought my product to life but it has allowed me to present our product to some of the largest online retailers with such a strong message from the first page to the last. Should you be looking for someone to transform your presentation and make it stand out from the crowd I cannot recommend Neil enough. Not only do I see Neil now as a person who does freelance powerpoints I now class him as a member of our team when it comes to any presentations for us to show our clients.

Should you be looking for that special touch to bring your products to life then you will certainly be in safe hands with Neil.”

S Sharpe, ITS Cooler

Bangkok, Thailand

Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

“Working with Neil was seamless. He was extremely responsive, professional and answered questions right away. He understood our design objective and provided us with exactly what we were looking for.”

J Shin, Real Industry Inc

New York, USA

PowerPoint Templates

Simple PowerPoint Template Design


A great template design will transform a dull PowerPoint into a professional, coherent and powerful presentation. A custom designed template will provide the backbone for all of your PowerPoint presentations, correctly branded and consistent every time.

A simple template solution includes the design and development of a title and content master, a divider slide and a colour scheme, all set up and ready for you to use.

Within all our Template designs (no matter how complex or simple they might be) we add unique user instructions set and fixed within the Powerpoint template to ensure that whenever a user utilises a Template they know how to use it correctly - no matter what their ability or prowess is in powerpoint. We believe this is unique to our offering.

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Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

"Couldn’t have been any easier or more enjoyable working with Neil. He told us everything he would need to do the job upfront and got it spot on first time. Everything was done above and beyond what was required and we now finally have a proper functioning PowerPoint template that everyone in the company can use (which looks amazing). We will definitely be coming back for more on our next project, a pleasure to work with."

J Waters, 101 London

London, United Kingdom

Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

"Neil helped us to build a template for a Powerpoint document that gets widely used in our company. We found him extremely responsive, efficient, and the quality of his work is extremely high. We would definitely use him again."

R Mitchell, Longitude Research

London, United Kingdom

Advanced PowerPoint Template Design

In addition to creating a title and content master, a divider slide and a colour scheme, we can also design and develop some extra tools for you to use to tailor your presentations, such as multiple masters for different uses.

This can include a master PowerPoint template for on screen use, a template for print use, a template for notes (slide and notes shown) use or templates for each division of your company, all held together under the same brand.

We will provide you with a set of example slides, with different layouts for text and images and graphical slides such as tables and graphs, all in a consistent visual style. Every slide is simple to edit, add your own content or instantly change data for complete ease of use.

We can also advise on fonts; PowerPoint is notorious for its font management and the complexities around what will and wont work and without the correct advise a great looking font on one computer can look entirely different on another unless certain precautions are set in place - which of course we can advise and provide recommendations and solutions for you.

Increasingly brands are turning to their design agencies to produce new Powerpoint templates to support their new (or existing) brand messages. We frequently take on the role of working with agencies who may not be that familiar with powerpoint to convert flat designs executed in software such as InDesign, PDF's etc and converting them in to workable, editable and expertly designed powerpoint files. We are happy to (and often do) work 'white label' for many creative agencies around the world.

professional powerpoint template with colours and graphs specialist templates professionally delivered in powerpoint  
Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

“Neil has an expert knowledge of PowerPoint, through this he has been able to transform our design concepts into a practical working template that includes all the functionality and guidance to enable simple but professional use across the whole organisation.”

G Fradley, Exco InTouch

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

"We were lucky enough to work with Neil on a pretty complicated PowerPoint template project. Neil was a terrific specialist partner, produced impeccable work and gave very good guidance."

K Begonia, Speak Design

Portland, USA

Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

"I was delighted with the template Neil produced for us. His advice on how best to create a template that users would find easy to use was invaluable. I wouldn’t hesitate in using him again."

S Harris, The Kings Fund

London, United Kingdom

On brand corporate powerpoint template design
PowerPoint template to keep your brand aligned
Keep your branding compliant with a designed Power point template
Let a designer whos an expert create your PowerPoint templates
setting a powerpoint theme in the slide master view
working in the slide master in powerpoint
setting up layouts in a powerpoint slide master
how to design a powerpoint template
Powerpoint Surgery

Do you have an existing PowerPoint file that just isnt working right?

From time to time I do receive calls from individuals and companies around the world asking for assistance on determining why their PowerPoint presentation or their template isnt working quite right.

As part of my service I can diagnose the problem with your PowerPoint existing file and offer a remedy to get your file performing as it should again.

Resolving this type of enquiry couldn't be simpler, in the first instance please contact me to discuss the issue - this can sometimes be resolved over the phone - alternatively by sending the file to me I can remedy the file and return it to you in good working order.

An initial diagnosis starts from £60, with the costs for the solution based on the nature of the issue in question.


PowerPoint Training

In exceptional cases I will deliver Powerpoint training on-site however most of the training I undertake is remotely executed. I can build bespoke training programmes for either an individual or a number of people and should you require it I can certify those candidates at the end of their successful training.

Costs for this type of enquiry are based on the type of training required.


Tips, Advice and Guidance on PowerPoint

PowerPoint has been available now for many years, introduced to the masses it allowed you to 'get stuck in' to PowerPoint without any due guidance or too much direction on how best to use the software or design within it. This is good in one respect but what this has also generated is alot of bad practices in regards to how it is used. Inevitably this is a challenge that now faces many organisations as they now attempt to harmonise how PowerPoint is used visually throughout their company. As part of my specialist designer service I can provide advice and guidance on how to manage this culture and still achieve professional PowerPoint presentations from your colleagues.

One of the typical mistakes that many people make is not knowing the difference between providing a presentation to support a presenter, and providing a presentation that needs to communicate the messages on its own (i.e. perhaps you are emailing the presentation to someone). This is just one of the many ways I can help you deliver the most effective presentation. Yes I can design you a great professional presentation, but I can also advise you on how you can ensure that your presentation does what you want it to do.

Believe it or not PowerPoint presentation styles also come in and out of fashion. What might have been considered contemporary 24 or even 12 months ago may now have changed. The nature of my business is that I remain (and sometimes lead) styles and fashions in PowerPoint around the world. I can of course ensure your presentation is produced by an expert and reflects the professional status of either yourself or your brand - but I can also ensure your PowerPoint presentation is designed to modern standards too.

People personally present in many different styles, some like to work to a tight script, others need their slides to be prompts for their presentation and others may feel comfortable with a 'free-style' approach. Designing the right type of PowerPoint to compliment (not compete) with the presenter is of course of the utmost importance - you will notice from the many client testimonials that feature on this website that that is inevitably what you would expect from a Specialist PowerPoint Designer and something I deliver on time and time again.


A number of presentations I undertake may include confidential information, for example for an investor presentation, floatation, board report, shareholder meeting. Working with NDA's (Non-Disclosure Agreements) or similar agreements or documents is perfectly acceptable and I am happy to sign any such document before a project commences to reassure my client that their information will remain secure.


Clients from all over the world

Technology makes it easy to work with any client from around the world. Indeed I have worked with many companies from areas such as Canada, Europe, USA, Africa, UAE, Thailand, India and Australia. I work remotely but not once has this created any obstacle to working on any particular power point design project and also ensures that overheads are kept low to ensure the client receives exceptional value for money.


My experience and background has been in both design and also extensive experience in directly presenting so I am better placed than many specialist design companies to provide excellent quality work that is not just great looking but also appropiate to your requirements.

PowerPoint Specialist (designing and presenting)

Not only have I been designing professional and elegant powerpoint presentations for all manner of clients, brands and entrepreneurs around for the world for many years, I have also a long and extensive background in actually presenting presentations personally to all sizes of audiences. This insight, along with the best ingredients from the hundreds of presentations I have designed means that you get a professional and elegant presentation - to modern day standards without the price tag a consultant or agency would charge.

Personal Info
  • MCIM Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • MIDM Institute of Direct Marketing
  • Industry Acnowledgements
      • Special Acknowledgement Marketing
      • Marketing Industry Award (x3)
      • Marketing Industry Nomination (x3)

      As well as working for many individuals I have also worked on projects for the following brands, companies and causes...

      101 London
      Abacus Marketing
      ABCO Marine Ltd (Dublin)
      Adams Meat
      Advanex (Tokyo)
      ACT Credit Management
      Atlas LLC (USA)
      Allocate Software
      AoC Create
      Ardmore Whiskey
      Arkadin (Paris)
      Association of Colleges
      Atesian Solutions
      Attribute Group (Sydney)
      Barclays Bank
      Barratts Homes
      Battersea Dogs Home
      Bauer Media
      Berghind Joseph
      Berkeley Research Group (Dubai)
      Bite PR
      Bigger Fish Design
      BlueQaunt Investments
      Boiling Shack
      Brein Capital
      British American Tobacco
      British Standards Institute
      Brompton Bicycles
      CET Energy (Lagos)
      CET Power (Lagos)
      Chain Mender
      Cherry Tree Farm Meat
      Close Brothers Asset Management
      Cloud Rooms
      Club Wembley
      Coffee & Health Institute
      Complinet Compliance
      Concourse Display Management
      Cravia (Dubai)
      Cream PR
      D5 Capital
      Danepak Bacon
      Dark Horse Ltd

      DerbySoft (USA & China)
      Design Comms (Geneva)
      Design Junction
      Dialogue Communications
      DML Marketing
      Douglas Grove Ltd
      Dynasafe (Stockholm)
      East Anglian Air Ambulance
      Earthlink (Atlanta)
      Eirebus Tours (Dublin)
      Empire Magazine
      Equiduct Hedgefunds
      Ernst and Young
      Exco InTouch
      Fairlife LLC (Chicago)
      Fiscal Reps
      Fits Me
      Five Guys (Dubai)
      Flock London
      Fluid Hygiene Solutions
      Fuller Flavoured Meat
      Garnet Capital Advisors
      Gerard Greene
      Global Ports (Moscow)
      Grayce Investments
      Green Target PR
      Guggenheim (New York)
      Hart + Jones
      Healthcare Europa
      Human Digital
      Idealogy Ltd
      Information Commissioner’s Office
      Inox (Geneva)
      Inside Consultants
      Insight Inside
      Its Cooler (Bangkok)
      Intercontinental Hotel Group
      Jemstep (New York)
      Johnson and Johnson
      Kaizo PR
      Kings Fund
      Kuehne + Nagel
      Landmark Trust

      Lieberman Software (Los Angeles)
      Lilian Owen Ltd
      Longitude Research
      Lucid Communications
      Matcom (Ghana)
      Marriott Hotels
      Mashery Inc (New York)
      Matchbox Studio (Dallas)
      Momentive (USA)
      Money In Advance
      National Health Service
      Navigate Advisors (New York)
      Nemaura Medical
      NiD (Geneva)
      North Zone
      Oak Crown Meat
      Octopus Investments
      Openlink Software
      Paragon Shipping (Athens)
      Peak EPM
      Planon Software
      Practical Paws
      Premier Research (New York)
      Project One
      Quasardb (Paris)
      Rapid Rashers
      Rareview Capital (New York)
      Rareview Macro (New York)
      Real Industry Inc (New York)
      Redleaf Research
      RIF Worldwide Plc
      Rubicon Executive Coaching (Madrid)
      Sales Plus Profit Ltd
      SAXO Bank
      Sea Lng
      Shoprite (New York)
      SGB Harsco

      Silverbrook Capital Management
      Slush Puppie
      Speak Design (Portland)
      Stansted Express
      States of Jersey
      Stuff Design
      Stylus Design
      Sun & Sand Sports (Dubai)
      Taranis Investments
      Tate & Lyle
      Thomson Reuters
      Thorn EMI
      Transparent Value LLC (New York)
      Unit 4 Business Software
      Upfront Cars
      UYOA Golf
      ViaVoice (Paris)
      Videlica (Dublin)
      Vitore Ltd
      Walton Endurance (California)
      Wardour Design
      Weaved (California)
      Wireless Infrastructure Group
      Working at Height
      Xtag (Dubai)
      Youngman Group
      YPO (Dubai)
      Yoics (Chicago)
      YoYo Games


      Client Testimonials

      As well as below you will find throughout this website a large number of client testimonials regarding my work as a designer of expert PowerPoint presentations.


      Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

      "Recognising our organisation needed to deliver a professional Powerpoint presentation for a very important new business pitch Neil's service, attention to detail and delivery of a premium PowerPoint design was exceptional and demonstrated a significant step change between using a professional and producing a presentation in-house."

      T Clapham, Planon Software

      Brighton, United Kingdom

      Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

      "Neil is extremely creative and insightful, as well as perfectly professional. His design was right on point, delivered flawlessly, on time and on budget. He far exceeded our expectations with the quality of his Powerpoint presentation work. We will most certainly be working with Neil again in the future."

      G Downes, New York Shipping Exchange

      New York, USA

      Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

      "The quality of Neil's Powerpoint work is fantastic, first class and his turn around time to meet our short time frame was impressive."

      B Walton, Former Olympic Cyclist

      California, USA

      Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

      "Neil's work is very professional and creative. His knowledge of PowerPoint is very advanced. Will recommend him to other people and use him again."

      N Azous, Rare View Macro

      New York, USA

      Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

      "Great job: Neil brings useful insight and attention to detail with powerpoint presentations, together with great specialist designer service and timely delivery. Thoroughly recommended."

      C Goodhew, Lucid Creative Communications

      Amersham, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

      Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

      "You provided a PowerPoint that I need at the very last minute to present to a bank. The result was on time and excellent - thank you"

      A Apponyi, Chain Mender

      London, United Kingdom

      Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

      “After three internal iterations of this presentation I am delighted we discovered Neil's specialist service and expertise. Not being creative myself, always adds a dimension as the brief can often degenerate into something quite vague. Neil accommodated this. His experience in the type of powerpoint presentation we were creating together with the tools at his disposal has taken our output to a whole new level.”

      C Smith, Cloud Rooms

      London, United Kingdom

      Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

      “Following a major brand refresh we needed someone to take that brand and develop a PowerPoint designed template that we could be proud of and that was easy to use. Neil worked very quickly and delivered exactly what was needed, even building on our original brief. Very delighted with what has been done.”

      G Mason, Project One

      Manchester, United Kingdom

      Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

      “Neil was extremely professional, responsive and flexible. He was very creative and effortlessly reflected our brand within his Powerpoint designs. We will be using him again for our future needs. I would thoroughly recommend him.”

      K Marsden,

      London, United Kingdom

      Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

      "I commissioned Neil to produce a powerpoint presentation for one of my clients in Switzerland. We had already completed the detailed design work with the client covering content and graphics and Neil was able to interpret this seamlessly. His work was fantastic and he was also a pleasure to deal with over the phone and via email. I will definitely be using him again on forthcoming projects."

      Jane Jones Consulting

      London, United Kingdom

      Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

      “Neil was great to work with. Quick response time, and listened carefully to my requirements and this lead to a swift turn around of work. Neil was also very patient, calm and had some great insight and ideas into how to simplify my Powerpoint presentation, whilst at the same time, making it look and feel authentic and professional. I would recommend Neil's work very highly indeed. Thank you."

      R West, Nandos

      London, United Kingdom

      Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

      "On a very short notice, Neil designed an amazing PowerPoint presentation. He went the extra mile to understand and search for the best ways to present the values of the company. Every cent I spent is worth it and I truly thank him for his hard work"

      A Seitnather, EasyJet

      Geneva, Switzerland

      Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

      "I utilised Neil to assist in the production of a Group PowerPoint Presentation document. His ability to make rapid yet effective changes is outstanding and is excellent value for money. I would have no hesitation in recommending Neil's services"

      C Birchenough, Wireless Infrastructure Group

      Glasgow, United Kingdom

      Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

      "Glad to have found Neil!! Real expert on all aspects of PowerPoint. Always helpful with great attention to detail. No hesitation in recommending Neil."

      S Young, The Creative Engine

      Farnborough, United Kingdom

      Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

      "Neil turned my storyline and rough sketches into a powerful, professional, PowerPoint presentation in a fraction of the time that I would have taken to do an inferior job. His insights into what makes material to show to make a good PowerPoint presentation were also useful. Thanks Neil - I would highly recommend your freelancer skills"

      P Bennett, Linde

      Munich, Germany

      Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

      "Excellent powerpoint design service, professional and great work. I would highly recommend Neil"

      T Carpenter, Douglas Grove Ltd

      Farnham, United Kingdom

      Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

      "Working with Neil was very easy. He quickly understood the concept of the Powerpoint design we were looking for and we had a draft back to us within days. The outcome was exactly what we were looking for. Neil is creative and easy to work with – I would highly recommend him."

      S Hodgkins-Smith, Act Credit Management

      Harrow, United Kingdom

      Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

      "I am very pleased with Neil’s Powerpoint work. He immediately understood the style required and delivered a first class presentation, which was eye catching, accurate and on time.I would definitely recommend Neil’s services."

      A Pearlgood, PHS Plc

      Cardiff, United Kingdom

      Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

      "Being a small business and a recent start up our needs were fairly tough along with the need for a cost effective solution. We were recommended to use Neil's services from another source. His complete package by far exceeded our expectations and provided our business with a full solution. Neil's attention to detail and flexibility were exceptional"

      A Earl, Attribute Consulting Pty

      Sydney, Australia

      Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

      "We had a last minute request from one of our important clients to add and improve their PowerPoint presentation. Being a film production company we were in need of some one who had specific expertise with presentation software and fortunately we found Neil online. The request was last thing on Friday and our deadline was Monday EOP. Once briefed Neil started immediately which relieved a lot of stress and pressure that would have occurred on the Monday. He took time out of his weekend to do this, which although we did not ask him to do we really appreciated it, meaning on our arrival back to the office Monday morning we could give him feedback and focus on a few other challenging aspects of the job. Neil found PowerPoint solutions to a couple of challenges that we just did not think would be possible to solve. The outcome was minimal stress, and work completely efficiently to a high standard that our client was very pleased with. If we ever need someone to work with on any similar projects in the future we will most certainly be calling Neil."

      G Foote, Tilling Productions

      London, United Kingdom

      Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

      "Neil did a fantastic job on a tight budget and timeframe. He was a real joy to work with and transformed what was a dull and old-fashioned looking Powerpoint presentation into a very stylish slideshow."

      D Siebert, Autism Biotech

      Belfast, Northern Ireland

      Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

      "We were advised to use Neil's services from another company in Sydney, Australia. The clarity and professionalism were excellent, even though Neil is based in the UK, at no time was this a problem. Thanks to his services we now have a complete solution which fills our needs. I would happily recommend Neil to others"

      D Robinson, Executive Coaching

      Melbourne, Australia

      Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

      "Neil did a great job for us – understood and helped develop the brief, liaised and worked well with another designer and delivered the document to spec and on time. Very easy to work with!"

      M Martin, Insight Inside

      London, United Kingdom

      Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

      "Neil designed a corporate presentation for one of my blue-chip clients, successfully developing creative concepts supplied by us. The interactive PowerPoint presentation incorporated a sophisticated menu navigation system, as well as a number of client-supplied videos. Technically, the solution also had to meet the needs of a wide and disparate range of software and hardware applications used by the client’s salesforce. Throughout the entire process, I found Neil to be professional, responsive and efficient – I particularly liked the fact that he was always ready to offer an alternative opinion and provide helpful advice in a tactful way - when he felt it necessary to do so. The end result was a high quality presentation which entirely met with the client’s approval. If you are looking for a professional PowerPoint presentation at a fair price, I would have no hesitation recommending Neil to deliver it for you."

      S Brown, Abacus Marketing

      London, United Kingdom

      Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

      "Neil worked magic over a powerpoint presentation which needed to be turned around very quickly. He was ‘can-do’ and a gave solid guidance as to how the document would be best composed/designed. I would absolutely turn to him again in the future."

      A Bradshaw, BEcause Marketing Ltd

      Ascot, United Kingdom

      Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

      "We appointed Neil to assist us with a client specific PowerPoint presentation and we are extremely pleased that we did. Not only did Neil help to design a very professional presentation, but he also helped us greatly with the content. The end result was a presentation far better than anything we could have produced, regardless of how much of our own time we might have chosen to invest in it. We will be using Neil’s services again without doubt."

      S Sully, RIF Worldwide Plc

      Sunbury on Thames, United Kingdom

      Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

      "It was a pleasure working with Neil. His interpretation of the brief, project management and efficiency in designing a first class Powerpoint presentation made the process seamless. No edit was too small! I look forward to engaging with Neil again."

      N Garvey

      Dublin, Ireland

      Powerpoint specialist designer testimonial

      "I found Neil online and having never had a PowerPoint presentation designed by a professional before I was apprehensive about what the final result would be. I can honestly say the final production from Neil was very professional and of a very high standard which far exceeded my expectations - I will no doubt be using Neil again and have already recommended his services to others."

      M Garman, Sales Plus Profit Ltd

      London, United Kingdom


      Please note that by contacting Neil Tomlinson Ltd you are agreeing to abide by my Terms and Conditions.


      As the projects and enquiries I receive are very broad, it is difficult to be specific on what the cost for your project will be without sight of more specific details. However, as an indication my charges for a typical day's work are £350 (GBP). Should you prefer, I can alternatively work to an agreed fixed project price.

      Due to current demand I prefer not to undertake projects that require less than one day's work to execute.

      Please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements further. Please provide your email address, company name and telephone number when contacting me.


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